SPC for Poultry

SPC for Poultry

SPC by Nordic Soya (62%) enables an excellent start for young broiler or layer chicks, turkey poults, and other young poultry.


Soy protein in its purest form


Soy Protein Concentrate provides soy protein in its purest form for young birds with sensitive, underdeveloped intestinal tract. In SPC by Nordic Soya the anti-nutrients and sugars of soybean meal have been effectively eliminated by using water-ethanol extraction, which is the most advanced technology in SPC production. The same technology is also used in the processing of food grade SPC.


Faster start for growth and many other benefits


Customers using SPC by Nordic Soya e.g. in broiler starter diets report faster growth, less leg problems, lower mortality, better carcass yield and quality, and improved overall financial result.

The best results are achieved by replacing all soybean meal with SPC by Nordic Soya in the poultry starter diets.


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