SPC for Piglets

SPC for Piglets

SPC by Nordic Soya (64%) enables an excellent start for piglets.


Suitable for sensitive intestinal tract


Soy Protein Concentrate provides soy protein in its purest form to piglets with sensitive, underdeveloped intestinal tract. The anti-nutrients and sugars present in soybean meal have been effectively eliminated in SPC by Nordic Soya by using water-ethanol extraction, the most advanced technology to produce SPC, also used in the production of food grade SPCs.


Excellent results both in the pre-starter and starter diets


The best results are achieved by replacing all soybean meal with SPC by Nordic Soya in the pre-starter diet and 50% of the soybean meal in the starter diet.


Customers using SPC by Nordic Soya in piglet pre-starter and starter diets report faster growth, less diarrhoea, more piglets weaned per sow, better uniformity, and improved overall financial result.


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