Tested and documented quality

The soybeans used in production will be monitored carefully in different phases. Among other parameters, moisture, foreign material and plant protection chemicals are controlled on each incoming bean parcel.

We offer the highest possible quality products to our customers. Our entire production chain is traceable and documented. We use only high quality soy raw material, and test both the raw material and final product quality by internal and external laboratories.

During the multi-stage production process, hulls, oil, lecithin and molasses are extracted from “the rest” which make up the principal products soybean meal, soy oil and soy protein concentrate (SPC).

Harmful microbes e.g. Salmonella spp. will be destroyed in the production process and Nordic Soya products is tested Salmonella-free, before releasing to the market. 

We have a HACCP program in place to recognize critical control points and our quality assurance adheres to the GMP+ quality system. Additionally we have received FoodChain ID Non-GMO certification.