Largest in European Union

Nordic Soya’s soybean processing plant is EU’s largest multi-stage soybean processing plant and by far the most modern in its category. The main products are soybean meal, soy protein concentrate and soy oil. The processing plant will be able to satisfy more than 50% of the soybean meal demand in Finland which is a perfect basis fit. Calculated from the total value of production, about one half of the production will be exported. The main export products are SPC and soybean oil.

Clean and top quality soya products

Nordic Soya sources its raw material soybeans, or soybean meal with sustainability criteria in mind. Due to the strict quality assurance schemes and certified systems e.g. HACCP and GMP+, our products are guaranteed clean and free of Salmonella, or other harmful microbes or substances. Our meal and SPC are safe to use in industrial feed mills, or home-mixing on farm without substantial quarantine measures. Nordic countries have the world’s strictest anti-Salmonella regimen in the food and feed chain.